Superbon Chips Truffle 135g x 14 bags


Cost per unit £1.97

RRP 14 x 135g bags RRP £3.49

HFSS Score: 1

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Organic Seasoning, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free

Superbon Chips de Madrid Truffle

Yet another work of art from Greg Ewing, amazing artist who has cleverly captured a real sense of passion and humour with his designs, we love this bag and could just look at it all day long. It has the added bonus of containing the most delicious Truffle crisps you're ever likely to munch! With real truffle, organic too, and made with the very best Spanish potato crops, Superbon know how to make their crisps. Amazing, indulgent, rich in taste with a stunning bag design, its a 10 out of 10 from us, thank you Philippe (& Greg). We Love Crisps

Ingredients; Potato, sunflower oil, salt (1%), dehydrated black summer truffle (0.1%) and truffle aroma.

Nutritional Details; Per 100g; Protein 8.63g, Carbohydrate 52.3g of which sugar 0.9g, Fat 30.8g of which saturates 3.5g, Dietary Fibre 7.7g, Salt 0.4g Calories per 100g: 515 Calories per 30g serving: 155