Superbon Chips Salt & Pepper 45g x 36 bags


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RRP 36 x 45g bags RRP £1.49

HFSS Score: 1

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Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Organic Seasoning

Superbon Chips de Madrid Salt & Pepper

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted the use of French on the bag, and yet they're made Madrid, which you'll recall from your geography lessons is in Portugal..... naaah, just kidding, it's Spain. But why the French lingo? So, Superbon are in fact a Belgium business, and French is the language of Belgium (and love apparently). Now Superbon owner, master chef Philippe, wanted to work with the best crisp maker he could find, a crisp maker who could work to the Chefs high standards and he found such a crisp maker in Madrid, hence, CHIPS of Madrid. Belgium brand, French lingo, made in Spain and now in the UK. So now let's talk about salt & pepper.

Salt & Peppery (Poivre & Sel) handmade crisps, whats not to love. Dead handy pack size of 45g, perfect hit of savoury yumminess and a cracking bag design too. The salt & pepper blend really is light, not too much of either, a clever balance of the these two classic spices and they work so well on that fried crisp, almost like chip like taste.  especially with these Spanish crisps, they work so well. Artist Greg Ewing designed these bags, he has delivered stunning pack designs too. Perfect pack on-the-go, look great, taste fab, Salt & Pepper crisps done properly, job done! We Love Crisps

Ingredients; Potato (67.7%), sunflower oil (30.3%), black pepper (1%) and salt (1%)

Nutritional Details; Per 100g; Protein 7.1g, Carbohydrate 52.3g of which sugar 0.9g, Fat 30.8g of which saturates 3.5g, Dietary Fibre 7.7g, Salt 0.4g, Calories per 100g: 515, Calories per 30g serving: 155