SLABS CHEESE & ONION 160g x 9 bags


Cost per unit £2.17

RRP 9 x 160g Super Sharing Bags. RRP £3.49

HFSS Score: 2

What is HFSS

Vegetarian and Gluten Free

SLABS Cheese & Onion Chunky Crisps 

OMG! SLABS the massive crisp in a massive 160g huge sharing bag, I'd be simply too embarrassed to eat these all to myself so on this occasion, I think I will have to consider this a proper sharing bag (darn it!). Well the SLABS cheese and onion crisp is a joy to behold and certainly a pleasure to eat. The scale of crisp is four times bigger and thicker than standard crisps yet the fat and calories are no worse than many  competitor hand-cooked crisps and in some case, SLABS contain less but does it matter anyway, this is an indulgent treat, made with olive oil, the best seasoning, all in all, a super-duper potato crisp. We Love Crisps